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Singapore sets the standard

Singapore is on the verge of implementing a wholesale electricity exchange which will be the first of its kind in south-east Asia. With many other nations in the region implementing reform, all eyes will be on this new market when it goes live later this year.

Learning the trade

California has been down the road of deregulation, retail competition and subsequent implementation of a trading system. With EU countries being forced to open up their markets to competition, a look at the Californian experience could be useful to those countries looking at setting up trading systems of their own.

Why European utilities must reinvent or rest in peace

Simply generating and selling electricity or gas at a regulated rate is no longer enough of a proposition, with consumers increasingly demanding more tangible and integrated value creation across their energy consumption needs.

A swell idea

In 2006, the world’s first commercial wave farm will be operational in Portugal.

The Next Big Thing

Siemens' innovation unit next47 targets artificial intelligence, autonomous machines, distributed electrification, connected mobility and blockchain applications

Renewable Energy: Emerging markets

Renewable energy has found it difficult to compete against traditional and large scale forms of generation, but new initiatives may change that.

Back to the Future

Set in 2003, a report by Cap Gemini, Europe`s largest IT consultancy, looks at how the UK electricity market has developed and the shape of things to come.

VRB technology comes to the fore

The Holy Grail of cost-effective, bulk energy storage has been pursued in many different ways, but one system is showing particular promise. The Vanadium Energy Storage System (VESS) is about to be installed for the first time in a commercial operating environment in North America, following successful trials in South Africa.

Utility engagement with distributed generation gaining momentum

The benefits to utilities of distributed generation (DG) used to be unclear, and its economic value was often uncertain. Today, there is evidence that some utilities see potential value in DG, and are beginning to explore how they can deploy it most effectively. Here, Michael Brown and Sytze Dijkstra describe some examples and anticipate how this trend may continue.

Analysis: Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant

The signing of a deal between EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation on Hinkley Point C is almost the final piece of the new nuclear jigsaw that the UK has been trying to put together for a decade.