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World’s biggest energy research project enters key phase

The $20bn ITER nuclear fusion reactor, entered a key construction phase last month, as contractors began to lay the foundations for the significant project.

The most difficult project on earth

Harnessing nuclear fusion has been a dream of technologists almost from the moment that nuclear processes taking place within the sun were recognised early in the 20th century.

PEI Connect: Clean energy goes big in Japan

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has raised the country's non-fossil fuel energy target, including renewable and nuclear energy, to 60% of total production by 2030.

PEI Connect: The ‘dark side’ of cybercrime

Ransomware is becoming a popular moneymaking scheme for hackers and if we aren't careful, we'll find ourselves on the 'dark side' as national grid infrastructure becomes an increasingly attractive target.

Powering a Moon village

With interest growing in a return of humans to the moon, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, attention is turning to the possibility of establishing a long-term presence there and the form that such a settlement might take.

Power Engineering International Issue 1 2021

What's the next big thing in energy? Tricky question, isn't it? Too many variables. So let's narrow the scope.

Researchers explore harvesting energy from black holes

New research identifies a mechanism and conditions for harvesting the free energy stored in spinning black holes.

Worth their weight in salt – molten reactors hold huge potential

Now, with aging and decommissioning of lightwater reactors, molten salt reactors are poised to make a comeback.

High five: Editor’s choice (11-18 December)

To ensure you don't miss out on the most important news, views and analysis from this week, we have compiled a must-read list designed to keep you in the know.

A successful assembly rehearsal for the world’s largest tokamak

DYNAMIC SNC has taken a decisive step in the delivery of the ITER development contract by completing a successful â€Ëœdry run' of the project's impressive upending tool.