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A quiet contender

As Europe embraces deregulation, there is one country which has so far avoided the limelight: The Netherlands. The Dutch answer to deregulation? Drop cooperation, embrace competition, and start trading.

Irresistible or fatal attractions?

European electric utilities are moving into the deregulated telecoms market but analysts are divided about their prospects.

European utilities give priority to reducing power plant pollution

In 1993, Finland`s Ministry of Trade and Industry allocated 82 percent of its research funds to research on environmental technology, renewable energy and energy conservation. Finland currently exports around (US)$60 million of equipment annually to other countries to reduce pollution. In addition, Finland itself has spent millions of dollars on installing flue gas desulfurization systems to its coal-fired power plants. Investments in environmental technology make up 20 to 25 percent of the pric

Merger mania rages among electric utilities worldwide

1995 saw an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions that started to reshape the worldwide electricity sector. One year later, and maybe one year wiser, we see that what started as a rush has now turned into a steady flow.

Uganda completes communications installation

The Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) has completed the upgrading and rehabilitation of its generation, transmission, distribution and communication systems throughout Uganda. An important part of the upgrade was the design and construction of a communication system for its electric power distribution system. A grant from NORAD, Norway, and credit supplied by the Nordic Development Fund, Finland, were used to finance the new state-of-the-art communication system for Uganda`s electric power distribu

Spain most expensive country for electrictiy

Although electricity prices in Spain held steady, the nation escalated from second highest price electricity producer to the number one spot in a recent study by National Utility Service Inc. Germany held the number one expense position in the previous study; but due to price reductions in Germany, Spain topped this year`s study, which ran from April 1995 to April 1996.

To keep pace with economic growth, China must add another 90,000 MW by 2000

Chinese officials predict that 6 percent of the equipment and 25 percent of the financing for the new capacity will be from sources outside of China

Baltic states integrate in cooperative competition

The close cooperation between the Nordic countries in the field of electricity exchange is expanding. Last summer, the energy ministers of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland agreed in principle to create a joint electricity market. The Swedish-Norwegian electricity exchange, which began operations this year, is a first step in that direction. Finland`s power exchange is following the same path.

Japan tops survey of electricity prices

According to the International Electricity Prices survey, undertaken annually by the Electricity Association in the UK, Japan reported the highest prices--and South Africa the lowest--of the 24 countries included.

Renewables: viable option for a bright future

The cost of power produced by renewable energy sources is falling, making them an option that may be viable in a much wider range of future applications