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Parallel repowering steam turbines with gas turbines yield multiple benefits

Higher efficiencies and increased capability at existing sites are available with relatively low capital and time investments

Russian generation spans gamut of equipment, experience

In the fall of 1989, EPRIstaff members made a series of visits to electric utilities, fossil plants, manufacturers, research and development (R&D) labs and universities in what was then the Soviet Union. A subsequent visit was made in August 1992 to scope out potential research projects and development testing that might offer significant benefits to the US electric power industry. More than two dozen opportunities were identified for potential collaboration, and several have already produced va

European utilities battling greenhouse gas emissions

CO2, SO2 and NOx emission rates are falling rapidly, and the trend is predicted to continue into the next century

Gas turbine development emphasizes improved efficiency

Recent moves toward larger and more efficient gas turbines, coupled with lower emissions, have led to feverish activity from manufacturers

German power plant equipment manufacturers look toward international markets

German producers of electric power plant equipment are looking more at the international markets. After the modernization of 4,000-MW power plants in the eastern part of Germany and the construction of approximately 10,000 MW of new capacity, there is a foreseeable slack period for the order books. In addition, Western Germany had no need for the additional capacity of new coal-fired plants. However, there is still a need for building small cogeneration units with gas engines and gas turbines

25-MW gas plant powweering Senegal

Within six months, Greenwich Turbine Inc. (GTi), a subsidiary of Greenwich Air Services of Miami, Fla., USA, completed a turnkey contract for a 25-MW gas turbine power plant in Senegal, Africa. Located outside of Dakar, Senegal`s capital city of 1.5 million people, the plant will provide supplementary power during peak periods and keep power levels up in critical sites if one of the city`s main generation units malfunctions.

IGTI conference concentrates on helping the gas turbine user

Everyone seems to be concerned with "the customer" these days, and those at the 39th ASME International Gas Turbine & Aeroengine Congress/Users Symposium & Exposition (Turbo Expo `94) were no exception. In fact, the theme of the June Turbo Expo was "Maintain the Edge for the User."

Siemens awarded contract to supply 15 gas turbines for Taiwan Power Co.

Siemens Power Corp. is working to fill a new contract for 15 gas turbines and other power generation equipment for what will become Taiwan`s largest combined-cycle power plant. The Taiwan Power Co. facility will be capable of producing 2,364 MW of electricity. Siemens values its contract at more than (US)$500 million. At least eight of the 15 gas turbines will be manufactured, assembled and shipped to Taiwan from Siemens worldwide manufacturing headquarters for 60-Hz cycle power generation equip

ARENA green lights BOC hydrogen generation project

The electrolyser will have the capacity to produce 2400 kilograms of hydrogen per month

Microturbines to power Libyan oil field project

Capstone Turbine Corporation has received an order for two C600 microturbines to provide on-site power for an oil field project in Libya.