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Powering sustainability can boost bottom line says Capgemini

Energy and utility companies with advanced sustainability initiatives earn more revenue, improve brand and company valuations, and are perceived positively by investors, regulators and clients.

High stakes for hydropower’s future

Are we moving quickly enough to build the hydropower capacity needed to support the energy transition?

Industry opinion: Hydrogen by pipe – Embracing the fuel of the future

The energy potential of hydrogen has been discussed since the 1870s.

UK releases Energy White Paper to map green recovery

The Energy White Paper sets out specific steps the UK government will take over the next decade to cut emissions and support new green jobs.

What motivates renewable energy investors?

As nations realise the inevitable task of shifting their energy demands away from traditional fuels, the risk-reward profiles for renewables become increasingly enticing.

OpEd: The benefits of big hydro in Ethiopia

Are large hydropower projects the solution for developing nations? Aklile Gessesse, Ethiopia operations and commercial manager for Stantec unpacks this critical subject.

Predictions for UK’s low carbon transition in 2021

commitments by governments and businesses to the low carbon transition will be firmly in the spotlight throughout 2021.

Future-proofing gas power

Dina Darshini discusses how gas-based technology developers are embracing the potential of hydrogen.

Green bonds are driving cost-effective finance to clean energy in India

Green bonds have become a key financial instrument for mobilising cost-effective foreign debt capital into the Indian renewables market.

GE: Pathways to faster decarbonisation with gas and renewables

A recent virtual media roundtable organised by GE Gas Power focused on â€ËœPathways to Faster Decarbonisation with Gas and Renewables'.