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District energy for Helsinki – a highly efficient heating and cooling model

Finland is one of the world leaders in the use of CHP and district heating and cooling systems – helped as it is by a climate that requires heating energy for buildings for much of the year.

Managing the costs of new build nuclear power

The property and construction consultancy Rider Levett Bucknall has more than 25 years experience of working in the nuclear sector and has recently been appointed to lead the cost management team at Olkiluoto 3 in Finland. Deryck Barton, head of nuclear for Rider Levett Bucknall, talks about the problems and solutions of managing costs for both new and existing nuclear plants and explains how the changing role of the cost consultant is set to alleviate some of the challenges.

District energy systems for the UK: how can we play catch-up?

How did Britain manage to miss out on building an extensive system of district energy networks, as several of its European neighbours did?


Electricity and gas network operators National Grid is to invest more than $3bn in its US networks over the five years from 2006 to 2011, in addition to existing maintenance.

Realising a co-firing dream

Utilities are facing major challenges in the coming decades.

Land of opportunity

Liberalization of the European energy markets over the past few years has brought both challenges and opportunities for players in the market, and one opportunity to arise is energy trading. PEi takes a look at one utility embracing competition in Europe, and how trading has become a useful tool as the barriers to competition slowly fall.

Heat exchangers for distributed thermal energy systems

District heating has a long history and the technology is now used in many applications and countries.

A back-to-basics plan for today’s challenges

GE Power Services CEO Scott Strazik speaks with Diarmaid Williams about the future for GE's gas turbines in terms of both technology development and global distribution.

Big data unlocks better efficiency

How real-time analysis and simulation software is bringing operational benefits for combined-cycle plants.

A clean bill of health for HRSGs

CO<sub>2</sub> pellet blasting is a cost-efficient and environmentally benign cleaning approach for HRSG owners and operators.