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Webcast recording: Repurposing power plant infrastructure

Find out what creative solutions are being implemented in the refurbishing of power plants, the innovative technologies they employ and the opportunities for suppliers.

Effective oil maintenance benefits your bottom line, page 2 of 11

One of the major shifts taking place in the global power generation market is the rapidly increasing share of renewable energy resources as we seek to reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the long-term.

Ghent University uses CHP to facilitate campuses

The University of Ghent has employed Dalkia to provide two 238 kWe combined heat and power plants aimed at supplying two of its campuses.

German gas-fired power output up 13 per cent

The German energy lobby group, BDEW, has released data showing that gas-fired power output has risen 13 per cent for the first three quarters of 2017.

Statkraft considers shutting ‘unprofitable’ gas-fired plants

Statkraft is considering closing down two of its natural gas-fired power plants in Germany with a total capacity of 950 MW as a rise in wind power generation and low power prices make the plants unprofitable.

Statkraft launches UK virtual power plant

Norwegian  energy group Statkraft is unveiled a virtual power plant in UK which connects wind, solar and gas engines with battery storage and can respond to market demands in seconds.

ITER awards $200m Tokamak nuclear fusion contract

The ITER Organization, which is building the world's largest nuclear fusion energy R&D plant in France, has awarded a €200m ($219m) contract for the...

EPH bid for Rybnik coal-fired power plant

EPH has reportedly placed a bid to take over EDF's Rybnik coal-fired power plant in Poland, according to local media.

Q&A: Trading storage on the energy market

Large-scale battery energy storage solutions are increasingly seen as able play a balancing role as more variable renewable power sources are integrated onto the world's grids. 

Power aggregator provides offering alternative for power balancing

Next Kraftwerke, a German power plant aggregator, is hoping to continue the momentum which has made it a viable contender in the balancing power market in Europe last year.