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European Commission chief leaves no room for doubt on decarbonisation commitment

A high-ranking director of the European Commission's climate strategy directorate left a gathering of power professionals under no illusions as to the commitment of Brussels to a global clean energy future, when he spoke at the European Power Plant Suppliers Association's 10th annual technology evening this week.

European Commission “not blocking” construction of Paks nuclear power plant

Brussels is seeking a change to the fuel supply aspect involved in the expansion of the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary, but is not challenging the expansion of the facility itself.

European Commission renewables chief highlights importance of heating ahead of power

The head official at the European Commission's renewable directorate says the EU'S focus needs to shift away from electricity towards heating and cooling if it is to achieve a balanced and successful energy policy.

European Commission will decide on free CO2 permits for utilities in July

The European Commission said it will decide on free carbon-dioxide permits for utilities in eight member states in July.

Elering to prepare Estonian grid for more renewables with €30m aid

In Estonia, Elering has secured funding from the European Commission to speed up the integration of renewable energy onto the grid.

Flemish government and EIB partner on hydrogen development

An deal reached by the EIB and the Flemish government will help scale up the rollout of hydrogen projects in the Belgium region of Flanders.

São Tomé and Príncipe pilots Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion tech

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology is based on converting incoming solar radiation into electricity and is continuously available in almost all ocean locations.

PEI Connect: Time to put nuclear back in Europe’s energy toolbox?

European industry is calling for greater emphasis on nuclear power in the face of a gas crunch and stringent emissions targets.

European Parliament rejects Commission’s climate and energy goals

The European Parliament has voted against the European Commission's proposal to drop a binding 2030 renewable energy target for EU member states.

Edison and Snam support Italy’s green hydrogen valley project

Edison and Snam have joined Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen to implement the Puglia Green Hydrogen Valley project in Italy.