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Report bodes well for combined heat and power

Combined heat and power and carbon capture and storage technologies will help push the generation of the global thermal power market to 19,869.1 TWh by 2020, according to new data.


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E-commerce: Starting Out – A model of success

The growth of e-commerce has brought a surge of start-up companies in the B2B arena. PEi tracks the development of one start-up and finds out where the key to success lies.


China Gezhouba Group Corp plans to build a $500m, 1000 MW coal fired power plant in Malawi, Africa, which suffers from frequent power shortages.

Investing in cogeneration for Ukraine ࢀ” how to develop projects successfully

Ukraine shows great potential for the development of new cogeneration plants, particularly for industrial sites and the district heating sector.

Bigger, better Dabhol facility is back on track

Enron`s massive Dabhol project has been watched as a `test case` for Indian power privatization, and it looks like passing marks are coming

Great Expectations: India’s hopes for solar power growth

India is looking to solar power as part of its plans to mend its chronically dysfunctional power sector. Solar power is seen by both the federal government in Delhi and state governments as an essential contributor to help meet increasing demands for power.

Partners in power pairing fuel cells with renewables to change the grid

Long considered a modern marvel of engineering, the US electricity grid – the vast network of centralized power plants ...


Petrobras firmó un "Acta de Compromiso" con Guaraniana S.A., su socia en la Central Termoeléctrica de Vale do Açu (Termoaçu), ubicada en el Estado de Rio Grande do Norte, para la reanudación de la construcción de la planta, con capacidad nominal de 340 MW y producción de 610 toneladas por hora (t/h) de vapor.

‘Mini-grids can electrify thousands of health centres in sub-Saharan Africa’

Exclusive interview with Aaron Leopold, CEO of the Africa Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA). He is also part of the speaker line-up and advisory board member of Future Energy East Africa in September in Nairobi.