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Solo Energy hires former Tesla Energy boss

UK company Solo Energy has hired ex-Tesla boss Ben Hill as commercial and technical advisor.

How to get EV charging infrastructure in the fast lane

To face environmental changes head-on and meet greenhouse gas targets by 2030, three-fifths of our vehicles must be electric.

Energy Absolute Plans Thai “Gigafactory” to Seize Battery Storage Market

A Thai-based renewable energy technology company, Energy Absolute, plans to invest $3 billion in a battery 'gigafactory', hedging on Southeast Asia’s uptake of electric vehicles and smart grids.

Europe’s largest battery operational

A 48 MW battery in northern Germany is now ready to supply reserve power to the European grid.

International team to develop Asia-Pacific battery storage

Japan’s JERA, a US-German joint venture and an Australian firm have teamed up to develop battery storage projects in the Asia-Pacific, including the world’s biggest, targeting a market expected to be worth several billion dollars by 2022. 

Limejump aims for 1 GW battery capacity by 2022

Limejump has reached 130 MW of managed active battery capacity, with sites including UK Power Networks’ Leighton Buzzard battery.

UPS hails EV ‘world first’

Electric vehicle recharging initiative will allow UPS to almost triple the number of EVs operating from its central London base

Vattenfall aims at becoming key player in EV charging

Vattenfall has announced plans aimed at growing the company’s capability in electric vehicle charging, specifically becoming a dominant player in northwest Europe.

German economy minister delivers warning on electric cars

The German minister for the economy, Peter Altmaier, says he doesn’t understand why the country’s automotive industry hasn’t sufficiently invested in electric vehicles, and advised companies in the sector to do so or lose out.

Vestas and Northvolt continue to work out optimal battery storage

Danish wind giant Vestas is continuing to develop its understanding of battery storage as a means of better optimizing its wind and solar power portfolio.

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