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Urenco to join power generation business?

Nuclear fuel firm Urenco may be about to get involved in the power generation business if its latest innovation is successful.

Lignite power generation comes clean

Bulgaria is replacing two nuclear plants with a 670 MW lignite fired power station in the country’s first IPP project.

Feature: Driving efficiency in power generation

Ambitious new climate change targets mean that power generation of all types is under greater scrutiny than ever before.

Europe’s power generation investment future

You cannot pick up a newspaper or turn on the television these days without being bombarded with doom and gloom about the world’s economic situation, and its prospect of recovery.

Rotary Power Generation Inc. gets exclusive license to Rand Cam Technology for power generation applications

Reg Technologies Inc., and its U.S. subsidiary, REGI U.S., Inc., said an exclusive worldwide license has been granted to Rotary Power Generation Inc. (RPGI), for the Rand Cam Technology for Power Generation applications.

Panama’s power generation sector monopoly

The electricity generation sector in Panama lies in the hands of too few, according to a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Indian drought affecting power generators

A persistent drought is having a grave impact on India's power plants as many of the country's dams have run dry in recent weeks.

Turning the tide on marine power generation

The installation of the world’s first commercial-scale tidal current system in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, is a landmark development in the realization of the UK’s potential to generate clean electricity from the seas around its shores.

Digitalisation in power generation driving performance

Craig Walker, head of Enerlytics Product Development, Uniper, explains that there is still work to be done in terms of digitalisation in generation and...

Smart power generation for a changing world

Denmark has taken a proactive role in adapting to the changing needs of the energy market. The rest of Europe can learn from its example.