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Dogger Bank wind farms to use GE’s Haliade-X turbines

Dogger Bank Wind Farms is developing what will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm when built and has announced GE Renewable...

GE delivers wind PPA to Google

GE Renewable Energy has announced the signing of a corporate power purchase agreement to sell energy from the Björkvattnet Onshore Wind...

How companies can transform their energy management strategy

As organisations become more aware of their need to tackle energy management, they are increasingly choosing renewables over the traditional energy grid as part of their strategy.

A Day in the Life of an Engineer

To mark International Women in Engineering Day, stories from structural and geotechnical engineers at Rolton Group

Power plant emissions are being measured from space

A new initiative has been launched that will use satellite imaging to measure carbon emissions from large power plants all over the world.

‘Utilities are the most susceptible to future disruption’ says Accenture boss

More than half of the companies listed among the Fortune 500 in 2000 are already gone or no longer ranked.

Utility chiefs debate their future business models

Traditional utilities cannot compete with the likes of Amazon and Google and therefore must differentiate themselves and build on the trusted relationship they have with consumers lights on.

Getting a grip on data centre costs and efficiency

It will come as no surprise that modern data centres consume huge amounts of energy. In fact a recent report estimates that data centres will consume one-fifth of all the world’s electricity by 2025.

AI is the new electricity

As with all emerging technological trends, some elements of artificial intelligence are hyped out of proportion, some elements are ahead of their time, and some even incite fear. However, there remains some truth beneath the hype, cycles and buzzwords. Advancements in AI stand to benefit the energy sector but come with own limitations and practical concerns.

Big data, mega efficiency: How data can improve plant productivity

Nick Boughton explores what can be done with data and how analyzing it can help plant managers make more informed decisions.

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