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Shale gas debate characterised by rhetoric and hysteria

Since the publication of an Institution of Mechanical Engineers' policy statement on UK shale gas in September 2012, we have consistently called for a technically literate, well-informed and evidence based discussion on this topic.

Shale gas drilling to resume in UK

The UK has lifted its ban on shale gas exploration and â€Ëœfracking' in northwest England is to resume.

UK cannot afford to ignore shale gas says Brietling boss

The head of an American shale gas firm says the UK has to decide whether it wants "to be the next France [and ban fracking] or become the next mini-US".

UK directors warn of ‘overplaying’ shale gas risks

One of the UK's leading business organisations has given its support to drilling for shale gas in Britain.

UK to push ahead with shale gas exploration

A report commissioned by the government said the â€Ëœfracking' process – where pressurised water and chemicals are pumped underground to open shale rocks and release trapped gas – could resume with tighter rules on seismic monitoring and drilling surveys.

UK will not mimic US shale boom says report

The UK's reserves of shale gas are not enough to make it self-sufficient in gas and will also "not be a panacea for bringing down energy bills".

GE invests additional $10bn in turbine technology research

General Electric (GE) is to invest a further $10bn on its ecomagination project, which aims to improve its gas turbine efficiency and waterless fracking technology.

Thumbs up for shale gas but need for regulation

A new report from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society has backed shale gas fracking in the UK, but adds that more regulation needs to accompany the activity.

Toshiba deal further nuclear boost for UK

The news that Toshiba has successfully bought into NuGen, the nuclear newbuild company planning a reactor in northwest England, is further proof that the UK is the most promising nuclear destination in Europe.

UK climate campaigner advocates shale gas

Bryony Worthington, the UK's shadow energy minister and a former campaigner for environmental group Friends of the Earth, has advocated the use of shale gas in Britain.