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Nuclear and renewables at heart of UK’s Net Zero Strategy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled the UKs Net Zero Strategy, which aims for greater energy security through renewables and state-of-the-art British nuclear reactors.

Europe floats energy security strategy

In a reaction to geopolitical events and the EU's dependence on imported energy, the European Commission (EC) has announced a new European Energy Security Strategy, with the aim of strengthening security of supply. 

Energy security: past, present and future

Optimized energy governance is a juggling act between three key dimensions: security, sustainability and equity.

Siemens contributes to Lima’s energy security

Siemens Energy has commissioned a new simple cycle power plant outside Peru's capital city. Lima, which is targeted at addressing the capital city's growing power demand.

Local heat for energy security in Europe

How should Europe make sure of its energy security over the next couple decades?

Uganda receives energy security boost

Uganda has received financing from the Indian government to construct a 180 MW hydropower plant, helping to improve the country's energy security.

Decommissioning threatens Poland’s energy security

A report from the Polish ministry of economy has outlined the potential for a power supply deficit in the country in 2016-17 due to a lack of new generation capacity coupled with ongoing plant decommissioning in the coal power sector.

Fossil-fuel plants to get new life as thermal energy storage facilities

A new partnership aims to leverage thermal energy storage systems to accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy systems in North America.

Japan looks to thermal power for energy security

Japanese utilities are looking to coal-fired power investment in a bid to bridge the gap created by the shutting down of nuclear power plants in the country.

Utilities warn EU energy security at risk

European utilities have told Brussels that failed energy policies are threatening the continent's energy security.