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Clairant enlists in project aimed at safer hydrogen use for Energiewende

Speciality chemical manufacturer Clairant has announced its participation in the German Kopernikus initiative for advancing renewable energy.

District energy resurgence as German cities respond to Energiewende

Many German public utilities have had a difficult time adapting to the challenge of the government’s Energiewende policy, however cities such as Munich and Hannover are leading initiatives to transform their organisations.

German public utilities feel Energiewende pinch

German public utilities, or stadtwerke, are struggling with digitalization and the switch to renewable energy, which has swept in, as a result of the German government’s Energiewende policy.

German utilities score victory over Merkel government

Germany’s top power utilities have recorded a major victory over the government, after the country’s highest court ruled a law imposing a tax on nuclear fuel was unconstitutional.

EON boss – Fossil power sector set for more M&A in...

E.ON’s Johannes Teyssen was the headlining speaker at this year’s FT Energy Transitions Conference in London and in a wide-ranging interview, he spoke about the likely consolidation of conventional power utilities, whether others should follow his company’s example, the pros and cons of the German energy transition, and why the country now needs an Energiewende 2.0.

The three Ds of modern power

Three mega-trends are shaping the European energy landscape - digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization. Rudy Koenig examines these 'three Ds' through the prism of Germany as a key industrial nation and suggests they will shape the power generation industry for years to come

RWE beats profit expectations

RWE has performed slightly better than expected, in terms of profit, the company’s Q1 results have revealed.

E.ON and Uniper report Q1 earnings drop

Managements at E.ON and Uniper believe first quarter earnings reported on Tuesday will not stop the companies from meeting their full year earnings targets.

Q&A: Trading storage on the energy market

Large-scale battery energy storage solutions are increasingly seen as able play a balancing role as more variable renewable power sources are integrated onto the world's grids. 

German TSO chief says cost control key to Energiewende acceptance

The head of one of Germany’s four transmission system operators says public acceptance of the country’s energy transition can only be assured by keeping prices down.

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