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Indonesia examines viability of electric vehicles

The government of Indonesia and Mitsubishi Motors are partnering in a new electric vehicle programme, aimed at helping the country to reduce exhaust emissions.

What will be the true impact of electric vehicles?

We examine some of the major uncertainties that exist around electric vehicles – when and where will people charge their cars? What behaviour will we see? And ultimately, what impact may EVs have on the generation and distribution of electricity?

Electric vehicle-to-grid projects get à‚£11m UK funding

A consortium has won £11m ($15.6m) in UK government funding for four electric vehicle-to-grid demonstration projects in Britain.

Ford almost trebles planned investment in electric vehicles

US car manufacturer has revised its initial plans on development of electric vehicles, and now plans to spend $11bn on the cleaner transportation by 2022.

Disruption expert says ‘by 2025 every new vehicle will be electric’

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author has explained how electric vehicles will disrupt and change transportation across the world.

China steps up the pace on electric vehicles

The Chinese government announced on Thursday that it would start phasing out fossil fuel cars and set a 10 per cent minimum quota of...

Electric vehicles still in the foothills

An article in Power Engineering International magazine in 2013 by Penny Hitchin identified progress in the development of electric vehicles, as well as the barriers to progress.

Electric vehicles: Engineering possibilities vs practical implementation

A key focus of Europe's energy transition must be taking pollution off the roads as well as out of power plants.

Consumer rooftop PV transforming Australia’s electricity market

Consumers are increasingly adopting more dispersed renewable generation from rooftop solar transforming the National Electricity Market, says Australian Energy Regulator.

‘Climate change is no different to a pandemic’ says Eurelectric president

"We need the same kind of mobilization of governments in the response to climate change as we have seen against Covid."