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How to design a cyber-secure smart grid

The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) has launched a new training course that it claims will give security architects "the knowledge to design secure smart grid systems".

How to protect energy infrastructure from cyber attack

The cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and assets has been a growing concern to businesses, consumers and the UK government for several years.

Utilities still lagging on cybersecurity says report

The modernization of utility infrastructures is enabling increased efficiencies and reliability through digitization, connectivity, and IT-based approaches. Smart cyber assets are transforming both power and...

Why the electricity sector must switch to a cyber-first mindset

Wherever connectivity goes, vulnerability follows. And as the power sector becomes more central to our lives, electricity businesses must switch to a cybersecurity-first mindset.  

Innogy joins European Cybersecurity Network

German energy giant innogy has joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS).

UK power sector advised to step up cybersecurity

Operators of UK power generation and distribution facilities are being urged to bolster their defences against cyberattacks after the government issued a warning earlier this month and a joint advisory with US agencies on Monday.

Simulated hack set up to boost grid cybersecurity

A cybersecurity training workshop for employees of Europe's transmission system operators has highlighted just how far we have to go to protect Europe's grids.

New cybersecurity laws that the energy sector cannot ignore

New cybersecurity legislation is coming soon and those who work in the energy sector must be up to speed.

Cybersecurity: building armour for critical apps

Energy infrastructure is no longer protected in the way it once was simply because it links more closely to the internet. The power sector must also understand that the only way to protect itself against the very real and very dangerous threat of cyberattacks is by keeping a proactive security posture.

Honeywell launches industrial cybersecurity centre in Middle East

Honeywell has launched its first industrial cybersecurity center of excellence at its Middle East headquarters in Dubai.