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Uniper CF0 says Germany to UK gas power transfer a possibility

The chief financial officer of Uniper says the company is considering relocating the company's gas-fired power plants to the UK from Germany.

Uniper ‘optimistic’ 18 months on from formation

On 1st January 2016, Germany's E.ON split its assets, and formed Uniper to take responsibility for conventional power and energy trading. Over 18 months on, its executives are bullish about the company's prospects, particularly the potential of its power services unit.

E.ON’s Teyssen angling for Uniper sale

The chief executive of E.ON, Johannes Teyssen has acknowledged the company is looking to offload its remaining stake in Uniper, its offshoot business.

E.ON and Uniper report Q1 earnings drop

Managements at E.ON and Uniper believe first quarter earnings reported on Tuesday will not stop the companies from meeting their full year earnings targets.

Uniper applies for extend closure of loss-making gas power plant

Uniper has asked the German government for permission to continue mothballing its Irsching 4 and 5 gas-fired power units in Bavaria on the grounds that the facilities are uneconomical.

$3.39bn loss for Uniper

E.ON spin-off power company, Uniper, has recorded a $3.39bn (€3.2bn) loss, after writedowns of its generation and gas storage assets continued to impact.

E.ON’s Uniper a target for purchase

Germany's Uniper, which is E.ONs power plant and energy trading business could be subject to a potential takeover, due to its small size, according to Goldman Sachs analysis.

E.ON takes $6.6bn hit on Uniper

Germany's top power utility, E.ON, has announced a loss of $10.1bn for the first nine months of the year after booking an impairment charge of $6.6bn against fossil fuel power and energy trading unit Uniper.

First Uniper shares traded on stock exchange

Shares of E.ON's spin-off business Uniper were today traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange for the first time.

Uniper chief positive ahead of flotation

The chief executive of E.ON spin off, Uniper, has been working hard to persuade investors as to the potential of the company.