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What’s holding the British power sector back?

The head of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers' energy department is eager to see what Theresa May's government's much awaited industrial strategy has in store for the energy sector, given the lack of clarity in recent years, and how it will be viewed in engineering circles.

Three issues facing the global energy industry

Here is an outline of some of the issues facing the global energy industry and how they will be addressed at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul  in mid-October.

Why policy, strategy and delivery must all work together to encourage investment in CHP

CHP can play a significant role in helping the UK move towards a low-carbon economy whilst ensuring that future energy demand can be met. But investment in this technology needs to be incentivised and encouraged at a government level. 

Ditch coal for biomass and gas and build nuclear, urges UK report

A cornerstone of the UK decarbonising its power sector is to switch from coal to biomass or gas and build a wave of new nuclear and renewable power infrastructure in the 2020s, according to a report out today.

The growing importance of renewable fuels for decentralized energy

The news pages in this issue highlight the growing importance of renewable fuels in the CHP and distributed energy sector.

Industry Highlights

The conundrum facing the European power sector can be summed up in a quote from a recent energy conference I attended in London.

Dieter Helm slams Europe’s predictive energy policies

A damning indictment on European energy policy was delivered at a conference by Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at Oxford University.

How #EUW is guiding industry through Europe’s energy transition

There is a sector that consumes 26 per cent of Europe's energy each year – and yet this significant market is often overlooked by power and utility observers.

Industry Highlight

The UK government has announced a reset of its energy policy which will, in the next decade, lock out coal power and open the door to a fleet of new gas-fired power plants.

Vital UK-France interconnector under way

A major new project to install an interconnector linking the electricity markets of Britain and France via the Channel Tunnel has just put down its foundations.