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Hungary to follow Finnish model to satisfy EU on nuclear power deal

The Hungarian government has accepted recommendations from the European Commission that may enable the Paks II nuclear power plant development to go ahead.

Austrian legal action could delay Hinkley Point nuclear for three to four years

Based on the average data associated with such cases, the legal objection made by Austria this week against the European Commission to facilitate Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant could delay the progress of the facility for around three to four years.

Confederation of British Industry warns of Brexit threat to energy

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has launched its â€ËœSmooth Operations' document, which includes recommendations for the UK government to closely align with EU rules on energy and climate change during the Brexit transition period and beyond in the "clear interest" of both UK and European businesses.

Hungarian nuclear power plant could be blocked by Brussels

The proposed plan to build two 1200 MW nuclear reactors at Paks in Hungary has come under scrutiny by the European Commission and may be blocked.

EDF raises Hinkley cost estimate by $1.95bn

France's EDF has increased the estimated cost of its 3200 MW Hinkley Point C nuclear power project in the UK to $25.4bn. 


Emerging Eastern European nations are cutting back on their reliance on thermal power and trying to incorporate a greater share of renewables into their energy mix, according to a new report.

EU signs nuclear fusion pact with Japan

The European Union's Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has signed a joint declaration with Japan on collaboration in the field of fusion energy.

UK threatens diplomatic war on Austria over nuclear power lawsuit

A diplomatic cable indicating repercussions for Austria if it doesn't drop its opposition to the UK's nuclear power project at Hinkley Point has been leaked to the mainstream media.

UK-EU Brexit agreement ” cooperation on renewables, trading and markets

The UK-EU â€ËœBrexit' trade and cooperation agreement signals little if any changes to the evolution of the respective energy sectors.

European Commission will investigate improper state aid for EdF

The European commission has indicated that it will carry out an enquiry into French state-owned power company EdF to see if it has benefited from illegal state support, according to a Brussels spokeswoman. The statement follows sustained criticism from Italy, Germany and Spain who feel that EdF is using its strength to take stakes in their own domestic industry, without reciprocal rights being available in France.