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German-Japanese partnership aims for peer-to-peer energy trading hub

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings or (TEPCO) has closed a EUR3 million investment in Conjoule GmbH, a start-up developing peer-to-peer energy markets enabled by blockchain technology.

Birol set to issue wakeup call at World Energy Outlook launch

The formal launch of World Energy Outlook 2016 takes place in London on Wednesday, followed by a press conference hosted by Dr Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency.

Facebook won’t force its belief in renewable energy on users

Facebook's head of sustainability says although the company believes strongly in renewable energy, it will not be changing its algorithm to force its pro-green principles on users.

World Energy Council issues call to action

The World Energy Council has issued a â€Ëœcall to action' on the power industry to redefine the energy sector. 

Why utilities should build an energy superhighway

Depending upon who you ask, the electric utility industry is headed into an accelerating death spiral, soon to be marginalized by burgeoning distributed generation - or it will look almost exactly as it does today, even a decade from now.

POWER-GEN Africa speakers highlight energy challenges

"Africa's resource irony is we have abundant oil and gas, sunshine, wind and vast coal reserves – yet Africa is still power starved."

‘Future of coal is brighter than some think’ says IHS Energy

"The future of coal is brighter than some people think," according to a boss at analyst IHS Energy.

Supercharging energy storage

Storage has the power to prove itself as the backbone of our energy revolution. 

RWE announces ‘innovative, decentralised energy group of the future’

German utility RWE has announced a re-organisation of its business in a bid to address market realities which have seen its fortunes suffer in recent years.

Why do new players hesitate to enter reforming energy markets?

When energy markets open, new entrants rush in. That's the theory, or at least the hope of governments as they embark upon energy market...