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Converteam powers offshore wind turbine installation cranes

Converteam, a specialist in power conversion, has won a contract for electrical equipment and instrumentation for three 800-tonne capacity offshore wind turbine installation cranes from GustoMSC in the Netherlands.

News digest

Armenia: The Armenian government is planning another tender to sell off local electricity distribution networks. The tender will offer a 75 per cent stake plus one share in each of the four networks.


Decentralized, solar-generated electricity could be answer to growth in European electricity demand in summer, particularly to deal with consumption peaks caused by weather conditions, which in turn cause supply interruptions - according to Dr Winfried Hoffmann, President of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

Utility engagement with distributed generation gaining momentum

The benefits to utilities of distributed generation (DG) used to be unclear, and its economic value was often uncertain. Today, there is evidence that some utilities see potential value in DG, and are beginning to explore how they can deploy it most effectively. Here, Michael Brown and Sytze Dijkstra describe some examples and anticipate how this trend may continue.

Micro-CHP: edging towards the mass market

Micro-CHP technologies have been said to be ‘close to market’ for some years, but now – led by very significant moves in Japan – they are finally showing signs of approaching commercial maturity.

Can blockchain save the energy sector?

A new consortium aims to speed up the development of blockchain technology for use in energy applications. Tildy Bayar examines the risks and benefits


Despite attending two energy summits Germany has not answered questions over its future energy security, Harry Roels, outgoing chief executive of utiliy giant RWE, has complained.

Can small make it big? The progress of micro-CHP in world mass markets

While there is considerable interest in micro-CHP technologies, sales of units to date have been very small - except for Japan, which seems to have three-quarters of the global market.

Gearing up for the market – commercialization of stationary fuel cells on the horizon?

The story began in 1843 when Welsh scientist William Grove invented the â€Ëœgas voltaic battery' - what we today call the â€Ëœfuel cell'.

Bring on the boom times

Demand for gas turbines across much of the globe is booming because of favorable regulations and the availability of fuel.