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Según informó el Ministro de Energía y Minas, Juan Valdivia, la empresa Electroriente estaría buscando un socio para poder llevar a cabo la construcción de la central hidroeléctrica Mazán que contaría con una capacidad instalada de 150 MW.

The Power of Automation

Automation systems for power plants have become increasingly sophisticated over the past 20 years on the back of major advances in computer hardware and software.

A fresh breeze – on-site wind power comes to Britain

As businesses take up the challenge of operating in a carbon-constrained world, wind turbines will become an increasingly common feature of the industrial landscape.

Mega trial opens Europe to micro-CHP

Although Elcore GmbH, a German maker of fuel cell micro-CHP units, only has a few of its products in homes in its domestic market, it already has high hopes of selling plenty on a fully commercial basis from later this year before spreading its wings into other European markets.

Technology for gas turbines operating in harsh environments

Adapting gas turbines for heat, humidity and altitude is a complex equation with no single solution, writes Penny Hitchin

Exploring the start of the art

The ability to control a power plant, be it natural gas-fired, combined-cycle, coal-fired boiler, solar thermal array, or even a wind turbine will depend on the reliable functioning of valves and the actuators used to operate those valves.

Improving gas turbine performance with dry air injection

Demand for fuel oil for power generation during a Saudi Arabian summer reaches between 420,000 and 430,000 barrels per day.

Gas engine optimization: Flexibility to the fore

With a grid that is becoming increasingly dominated by intermittent renewables, gas engines are now being called upon to offer flexibility and reliability in the brave new world of distributed generation.


ESAB is launching the Origo Mig 4001i welding machines for efficient welding of high-alloy materials in demanding applications.

Don’t underestimate air inlet filtration

One of the most important components of a gas turbine power plant in terms of ensuring high performance is the air inlet filtration system. David Appleyard explores the latest filtration advances and how the technology will evolve to meet the changing market demands.