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European utilities battling greenhouse gas emissions

CO2, SO2 and NOx emission rates are falling rapidly, and the trend is predicted to continue into the next century

Bring on the boom times

Demand for gas turbines across much of the globe is booming because of favorable regulations and the availability of fuel.

Pushing the steam cycle boundaries

Power plants based on the steam Rankine cycle have formed the backbone of the power generating industry for the best part of a century and are expected to continue to do so well into the present century.

2010: The Year in Review

The power industry suffered continued setbacks against a tumultuous economic backdrop. Several nations slashed their subsidies for renewable energy projects, while many carbon capture and storage projects were either delayed or scrapped. Gas fired generation continued to dominate conventional new build projects, while the nuclear ‘renaissance’ continued apace.

Powering Modern Russia

When a geographic region covers about one-eighth of the world's land surface, the term 'country' takes on a whole new meaning.

Equipment Roundup

ABB power factor correction (PFC) equipment has provided a vital boost in energy efficiency for the McCain Food’s massive site at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, which produces many of the company’s key products.

Gearing up for the market – commercialization of stationary fuel cells on the horizon?

The story began in 1843 when Welsh scientist William Grove invented the â€Ëœgas voltaic battery' - what we today call the â€Ëœfuel cell'.