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Reality TV star seeks $250m to build nuclear fusion reactor

A reality TV star is seeking investment of £200m ($249m) to help build two nuclear fusion reactors.

Amec Foster Wheeler wins nuclear fusion deal

Amec Foster Wheeler has been appointed to carry out design development work on an integrated plant simulator for the ITER nuclear fusion reactor.

Nuclear fusion landmark reached by MIT

A research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has achieved a new record for nuclear fusion technology, which may herald the dawn of limitless clean energy.

Nuclear fusion breakthrough offers glimpse of limitless green energy

US scientists have released details of an experiment in nuclear fusion conducted in California that give hope for the possibility of almost limitless clean energy.

MHI to make components for ITER nuclear fusion reactor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is to make two toroidal field coils for the ITER1 thermonuclear experimental reactor currently being built in France.

Scientist says nuclear fusion will be the power of the future

A leading British scientist has claimed that the power stations of the future will operate on nuclear fusion.

Ansaldo Nucleare-led consortium wins €10m contract for fusion project

The European Commission, through the General Directorate for Research and Innovation, has awarded a 4-year €10m ($11.2m) Framework Contract to the consortium led by Ansaldo Nucleare.

PEI Connect: ‘Watershed moment’ for fusion energy

Researchers are calling it a "watershed moment" for nuclear fusion, with a record-breaking magnet successfully creating a magnetic field of 20 tesla.

Why nuclear energy can help deliver a green hydrogen economy

Nuclear power plants “have a critical role in producing low-carbon hydrogen” according to a former shadow energy minister in the UK.