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How the oil & gas sector is driving innovation in carbon capture

Carbon capture utilisation and storage will play a significant role in supporting the traditionally emissions-heavy oil and gas sector advance towards net zero.

Webcast Recording: Green is the new black | Carbon capture, utilisation & storage

In the second episode of the series, â€ËœGreen is the new black for oil & gas', we explore how the oil and gas sector is employing the latest carbon capture technologies to meet net zero goals.

Green is the new black | Carbon capture, utilisation & storage

60-Minute Session In the second episode of the series, 'Green is the new black for oil & gas', we explore how the oil and gas...

Frost: No short-term change expected in EU power generation scene

Growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan predicts that there will be little change in the rate of investment in the European power generation sector, at least in the short term.

Bright future for IGT services & maintenance sector

The services and maintenance sector serving all forms of power generation in Western Europe is expected to generate yearly revenues that top $2.8 billion in 2018 ...

Asia to enjoy coal fired power generation investment boom, says F&S

News analysis from Frost & Sullivan (F&S) finds that Asia will be the main focus area for coal fired investment in the coming decade and beyond. The region's projected growth in electricity demand, coupled with low production costs, is expected to make it attractive for both domestic and global investors.

F&S forecasts accelerated growth for stationary fuel cells in Europe

Innovative developments in the European stationary fuel cell market are shaping an optimistic future for the industry, and there is a growing interest in many European countries to adopt this ‘zero-emission technology across various applications. Boosted by this need of sustainable solutions, the fuel cell market is transitioning from validation to the pre-commercialization stage.

Deal or no deal for Areva T&D?

The T&D market is clearly in the ascendancy, and the future of the industry is looking bright, with governments, regulatory bodies and major industry players all focused on the development a grid system that can match the world’s changing generation and consumption landscape – commonly referred to as the Smart Grid.

PG&E orders 50 turbines producing 16,000 MW

PG&E Corp. said its National Energy Group has executed contracts to secure 50 turbines representing a development portfolio of approximately 16,000 MW of electric power.

Exponential growth predicted for green hydrogen market

A new report released by research firm Frost & Sullivan states that owing to decarbonisation efforts, the production of green hydrogen will increase by 57% between 2019 and 2030.