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Cuadrilla delays fracking at UK site

Shale gas company Cuadrilla Resources has delayed work at a site in the UK in order to carry out an environmental assessment.

French president vows no fracking for shale gas

French president Francois Hollande has said that "as long as I am president, there will be no exploration for shale gas in France".

MPs slam UK plans for shale gas fracking

A UK government committee has today said that fracking for shale gas in Britain should be put on hold because "it is incompatible with our climate change targets and could pose significant localised environmental risks to public health".

Polish company fracks for shale gas in Ukraine

A Polish company has carried out shale gas â€Ëœfracking' in Ukraine.

UK government steps in to allow fracking in England

Fracking for shale gas is to go ahead in northwest England despite opposition from residents and the local council.

German environment minister refutes Spiegel claim on fracking

A report by top German current affairs magazine, Der Spiegel, that the German government is set to soften its stance on fracking, has been strongly denied by the country's environment minister.

Fracking row continues as UK shale gas drilling recommences

Exploratory shale gas drilling will begin today in the UK for the first time in seven years.

Fracking in UK must meet strict carbon budgets says Climate Change Committee

Shale gas exploitation by fracking on a significant scale in Britain "is not compatible with the UK's climate change targets" unless strict emissions criteria are met.

French minister calls for rethink on shale gas

French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg has called for shale gas to be investigated as a possible energy source in France.

Climate change minister advocates shale gas to fight emissions

UK Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has said that shale gas has a key role to play in cutting carbon emissions and helping to eradicate the use of coal.