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Do oil and gas businesses have a future?

To give you the short answer: For now, yes they absolutely do have a future.

EDF and RWE sign milestone agreement to support UK’s energy transition

EDF and RWE's deal will see clean energy capacity equivalent to the requirements of 1.2 million UK households injected into the grid.

G20 nations commit to phasing out new coal generation plants

The world’s largest economies have committed to ending financing for new coal power generation plants abroad.

Digital solutions to optimise China’s wind energy potential

According to a new study released by ONYX Insight, China can optimise its wind energy potential by leveraging first-class digital tools.

Q&A: Energy security in the spotlight

Europe's energy transition has placed the sector under strain. 

Europe floats energy security strategy

In a reaction to geopolitical events and the EU's dependence on imported energy, the European Commission (EC) has announced a new European Energy Security Strategy, with the aim of strengthening security of supply. 

Energy security: past, present and future

Optimized energy governance is a juggling act between three key dimensions: security, sustainability and equity.

ARENA releases bioenergy roadmap for Australia

ARENA has developed a roadmap to help Australia accelerate its deployment of bioenergy capacity to speed up the energy transition.

Local heat for energy security in Europe

How should Europe make sure of its energy security over the next couple decades?

Uganda receives energy security boost

Uganda has received financing from the Indian government to construct a 180 MW hydropower plant, helping to improve the country's energy security.