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Innogy makes electric vehicle recharging deal with autobahn services firm

A long-term cooperation agreement has been signed between Innogy and German autobahn services firm Tank & Rast, with the intention of ensuring that owners of electric vehicles are reliably located on motorways.

E.ON and MOL in Romanian electric vehicle charging partnership

E.ON has partnered with MOL, a producer and distributor of fuel, in a plan to  open a regional partnership of 40 electric vehicle charging stations in Romania by the end of 2020.

$6.5bn electric vehicle complex displays Chinese intent

One of China's biggest automakers, GAC Motor, has announced the construction at a giant $6.5bn industrial park to develop and produce electric and autonomous vehicles.

Dubai government in electric vehicle pledge

The Dubai government has made a commitment to electric vehicles as part of an initiative to cut carbon emissions.

Electricit? de France building electric vehicle infrastructure

Electricit? de France is taking steps to move electric vehicle (EV) technology beyond laboratory research and onto the roadways in France.

Hybrid and electric vehicles and their lubrication challenges

Q8Oils gives an overview of the different engine technologies, the market figures and the lubrication specificities of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Why we need to rethink component design for electric vehicles

Explaining the challenges faced by automotive companies designing the next generation of EVs.

China drives massive uptake of electric vehicles

The number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world's roads exceeded 3 million in 2017, a 54 per cent increase on 2016.

Electric vehicles set to drive boom in copper

The rising number of plug-in electric vehicles is expected to drive a boom in the copper market because of the crucial role played by copper in port charging cables and units and wiring to electrical panels.

VW in $25bn push into electric vehicles

German automaker Volkswagen has announced securing $25bn in battery supplies as part of an aggressive push into the electric vehicle market.