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Drax mulls coal to gas instead of biomass conversion

UK's biggest power producer Drax is considering the conversion of its remaining coal-fired power units to gas, instead of biomass, as originally planned.

Drax coal to biomass conversion wins EU approval

Drax management received an early Christmas present yesterday when the European Commission announced that it had approved the company's bid to convert a third coal-fired power plant unit to biomass.

Drax in $450m diversification moves

Drax, which owns the UK's largest power plant, is to acquire energy supplier Opus Energy as part of a strategic shift away from coal-fired generation. 

Drax aims to transform to cope with new paradigm

Drax is looking to move more into the renewable energy space in a bid to improve its fortunes in the face of a relentless global drive towards cleaner power.

Drax CEO confident backup power scheme will lift revenues

The head of UK power producer Drax says the company is in line to benefit from the government's subsidy scheme.

Drax offers to end coal burning in return for green subsidies

The head of Drax Group, Dorothy Thompson, says they are willing to accelerate the closure of its coal-fired power units in return for green energy subsidies to help develop its biomass power facilities.

Drax mulls mothballing coal-fired plants after posting 2015 losses

British power group Drax could be set to mothball its coal-fired power plants as low gas prices, competition from renewables, withdrawal of government support and the UK's plan to close coal-fired plants by 2025 all take their toll.

Drax chief says coal may still have vital role

The chief executive of Drax believes coal may still have a role in maintaining the UK's energy security if the government fails to build sufficient alternative capacity to cope with the closure of coal-fired power plants.

Drax coal-to-biomass conversion in Europe state aid probe

The European Commission has launched another investigation into UK state aid for a coal-to-biomass plant conversion project. 

Putting energy tax on renewables is ‘like putting alcohol tax on orange juice’ says Drax boss

Dorothy Thompson, the chief executive of Drax Group which operates the UK's biggest power station, has spoken of her dismay at recent changes to UK government policy on renewables.