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Utility-scale wind rushes to 11% of U.S. energy mix

Net electricity generation for November shows that utility-scale wind and solar were the highest risers, while coal, gas and nuclear fell.

Coal and the energy transition in APAC

Coal continues to play a prominent role in APAC, however, there are technologies and processes that help us reduce carbon emissions from thermal generation.
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Serbia adds 1.2MW biogas plant to green energy mix

MET Group, through its 51% joint venture PEPO Energy, has launched a 1.2MW biogas power plant in Serbia.
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Nuclear power: A sensible and sustainable option for Africa

The decision to adopt nuclear power in South Africa was made as a result of sound strategic planning. It has turned out to have been a very good decision.
Cold winter weather sparks surge in power prices

Winter weather sparks surge in power prices

A week of tight margins and system warnings resulted in record extreme power prices in the UK and some parts of Europe...
Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant

RWE and Bilfinger reach decomissioning milestone at German nuclear plant

RWE and Bilfinger have completed the decomissioning work at the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant in Germany.

Global electricity demand declines as effects of pandemic persist

The historic shock of the COVID-10 crises will result in a 2% decline in global electricity demand, according to the IEA’s first-ever Electricity Market Report.

High five: Editor’s choice (7-11 December)

To ensure you don’t miss out on the most important news, views and analysis from this week, we have compiled a must-read list designed to keep you in the know.
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New ancillary service market paves the way to a renewables-led future

A new ancillary service procured by National Grid to manage the frequency of Britain’s electricity system is set to support the country’s green energy transition and provide new opportunities for battery projects.
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Spanish companies commit €50m for green hydrogen project using existing assets

The first green hydrogen plant that benefits from the infrastructure of a conventional power generation plant and the national distribution gas network in Amorebieta (Biscay) is set to be launched in Spain.

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