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Rethinking coal fired power plants’ water reuse

Many studies over the years have examined power plants' water usage and losses.

Trigeneration technology reaches Saudi Arabia

Headquarters Business Park (HQBP) is a development in Saudi Arabia by Adeem Al Wataniya about a 20-minute drive ...

University opts for cogen as part of renovation project

The University of Oregon, US, is planning to improve its power delivery by adding a cogeneration system to its outdated steam plant and electrical distribution systems. As part of the renovation of its central power plant.

Abloy Cliq Remote delivers powerful security

Abloy UK has launched its new electro-mechanical locking solution Cliq Remote to the power sector, helping to make key management easier across large, multi-site masterkey applications.

Oman leads Gulf States in reform and privatization of electricity and water sectors

The Sultanate of Oman has been a pioneer in electricity markets reform in the Middle East.

Fujairah 2: Power and water for Abu Dhabi

Fujairah 2 was commissioned in 2010 to help meet Abu Dhabi's growing demand for water and electricity Source: Alstom à‚  Fujairah 2, Abu Dhabi Water and...

How the power industry can contribute to reducing the global water shortage

One of the major challenges of this century is the provision of safe drinking water for a growing population. The shortage in water resources in arid areas requires the availability of more efficient and cheaper potable water production processes. In order to make drinking water out of groundwater, it is often sufficient to aerate and disinfect.

Saudi Arabia: Keen to attract investment for power

Saudi Arabia’s growing demand for electricity and water requires investment in plant and infrastructure. The Kingdom is keen to attract investment, but the financial downturn has been affecting the availability of private investors, notably for IWPPs.

Power generation and water reuse à‚— urgent, equal global priorities

It is often said that an economy runs on oil, but it could also be said it runs on water.

State-of-the art CCPP fires Oman’s new aluminium smelter

Oman has commissioned a 1000 MW combined-cycle power plant (CCPP), the biggest in the Sultanate.