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CHP plans outlined by European Commission

The European Commission has published a new EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan, which among other things sets out a strategy to increase the contribution CHP makes to Europe's energy supplies.

GE set to pass European Commission test

Alstom CEO Patrick Kron told a sales call yesterday that the deal for his company to be acquired by General Electric is set to clear its final hurdle.

European Commission votes approval for Hinkley Point

Brussels has voted to allow the UK's newest nuclear power plant to go ahead, after receiving final approval from the European Commission.

Spanish cogen chiefs write to European Commission

The Spanish cogeneration industry has seen fit to write to the European Commission over recent taxes and legislation introduced by the Spanish government.

European Commission greenlights Vilnius CHP plant

The European Commission today approved support for a combined heat and power-based district heating plant in Vilnius, Lithuania.

European Commission plans to replace CHP Directive

The European Commission has proposed a new energy efficiency directive to replace the existing Energy Services Directive (2006/32/EC) and the CHP Directive.

European Commission passes state aid guidelines

The European Commission has adopted new rules on public support for projects in the energy sector.

European Commission aims to avoid imposition of fines on Germany and the UK

The European Commission says it will work closely with the British and German governments to avoid the scenario of substantial fines being imposed for breaches of the law within both nations' coal power sectors.

European Commission position on nuclear threatens UK programme

Britain's plans to use subsidies to encourage its nuclear power programme have been upset by a decision in Brussels yesterday to avoid providing specific guidelines on permitted state subsidies.

European Commission probes Bulgaria over renewables surcharge

Bulgaria is under the European Commission's microscope as the eastern European nation introduced grid access charges on all renewable energy producers.