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MAN Energy to provide 53 MW of reliable power to factory in Baghdad

MAN Energy Solutions is providing a drink can factory of the Royal Can Making Company (RCMC) in Iraq with six MAN 18V32/40 CD engines,...

Australia facing energy reliability challenges says report

A report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is a stark reminder of the reliability challenges facing the country's National Electricity Market (NEM). 

Industry opinion: Integrating renewables into a reliable power ecosystem

Balancing renewables represents the most efficient and sustainable approach to meeting the energy needs we have now, and those of the next generation. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimization offered by virtual power plants provides an opportunity to meet that challenge today.

Feature: Reliable measurements pave the way for eco-friendly aggregate

Many countries in Europe have seen a rapid growth in Energy from Waste as a means of dealing with municipal waste and producing green energy. This process produces a small amount of residue from the flue gas treatment (APCr) that has historically ended up in landfills.

Pump field services – vital to maintaining reliability

Large pumps, such as those operated in the oil and gas, power generation and water industries perform a crucial role and represent a significant investment by the owner. Safeguarding these assets and maintaining efficiency and reliability are vital for the continued productivity of the application. Very often, when it comes to maintenance, the choice is between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an independent service provider (ISP), but it is possible to have the best of both worlds.  

Improving gas turbine reliability

Gas turbines are employed around the world to provide power. As vital pieces of equipment, they require regular maintenance to provide continued reliability and performance and this needs to be both managed and delivered efficiently. Sulzer has developed its expertise and specialist facilities over many years to offer an independent service for the 501F.  

Mini-grids more reliable than grid connections finds new African project

An R&D fund focused on testing business model innovations in sub-Saharan Africa's mini-grid sector has launched this week. 

Improving reliability with outsourced maintenance strategy

Plant maintenance is a highly skilled operation that requires considerable resources for unexpected repairs and long term planning for preventative maintenance programs. Large scale equipment, such as gas turbines, generators, compressors and large pumps, require specialist knowledge and expertise to maintain optimum performance. Read More...

Turbine oils: Unlocking efficient, reliable power

Understanding how lubricants contribute to total cost of ownership is the primary step to realising potential savings.