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Survey reveals majority of UK power sector not in favour of Brexit

A strong majority of professionals working in the UK electric power industries do not believe Brexit will be positive for the sector.

Cross-party group says Brexit could lead to energy shortages and high prices

A House of Lords parliamentary committee has requested a full study be made on the likely impact of Brexit on both energy supply and prices for the UK.

What does the electric power sector think about Brexit?

Power Engineering International is checking the pulse of the UK power sector on Brexit.

EU fast tracks $1.1bn Ireland-France power link ahead of Brexit

The European Union is fast-tracking a $1.1bn power interconnection project between Ireland and France as part of an overall effort to improve the bloc's security of supply.

Nuclear industry vents ongoing concerns on Brexit Euratom decision

The decision by the British government to withdraw from the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) in tandem with its withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit, is continuing to cause some concern for the future of the country's nuclear power industry.

UK nuclear industry concerned about Brexit impact

The UK'S nuclear power sector is under severe pressure to respond to the country's decision to exit the EU and the Euratom treaty.

Ireland pushes EU to assist in post-Brexit energy security

The Irish government is engaged in discussions with Brussels with a view to bolstering Irish energy security post-Brexit.

UK threat to return nuclear waste unless Brexit agreement reached

The UK government has published a paper in which it sets out potentially returning nuclear waste to the European country of origin, should Brexit talks collapse.

Eurelectric Brexit report advises more clarity on transition

Eurelectric has published an analysis paper, entitled BREXIT: Maintaining free and fair trade of electricity and gas in Europe. The paper sets out some electricity sector concerns about potential problems associated with Brexit and recommendations on managing scenarios.

UK nuclear industry aims to minimize impact of Brexit

Two reports have warned that interim arrangements need to be made to safeguard the UK's nuclear industry before leaving Euratom as part of Brexit plans.