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Hitachi has announced it has bought the Horizon nuclear power project in the UK for £696m ($1.2bn).

Portuguese start: transposition of the EU Cogeneration Directive

Portugal relies to a very large extent on imports to meet its energy needs, with the country’s most important domestic source of energy being hydropower.

Form follows function: A renaissance in nuclear engineering

Professor Robin Grimes, director of London’s Imperial College Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Nuclear Engineering, shares with deputy editor Tim Probert his views on plant lifetime extensions, Generation IV nuclear reactors and the prospects for a nuclear renaisssance.

Project & Technology Update

Project Update Work starts on 385 MW Arkona Baltic Sea wind farm Construction has started on the 385 MW Arkona offshore wind farm in the German...


Decentralized, solar-generated electricity could be answer to growth in European electricity demand in summer, particularly to deal with consumption peaks caused by weather conditions, which in turn cause supply interruptions - according to Dr Winfried Hoffmann, President of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

Solar Power – Ultility-scale sun power

Unlike photovoltaics, which generate electricity directly from sunlight, concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies use heat to generate electricity in much the same way as a conventional thermal power station.

Project & Technology Update

Project Update Alstom commissions substation for Baltic Sea wind farm Alstom has completed the commissioning of an alternate current offshore substation for Baltic 2, Germany's second...

Consistent policy wins investors

Vietnam is one of Asia's gems in terms of self sufficiency in the power sector.

Promoting independent power in Asia and beyond

The Asian region is experiencing unprecedented economic growth, with the demand for electricity to support this growth skyrocketing.

The intelligent approach to grid design

The key to developing a smarter power grid is to standardize and integrate two systems: the power and energy delivery system and the information system that controls it.