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The Empire Strikes Back

Back in November, I said that EDF is to European electricity competition what the "Dark Emperor" is to Star Wars - a formidable counter-current to the accepted order. Well now it's time for the next episode in the saga.

Competition will bring utility credit downgrades in Europe

Standard & Poor's has warned that the credit ratings of European electric utilities are under threat because of the EU directive on market liberalization. Is this the downside of competition? Si?n Green reports.

Around the Globe Europe

Two UK electricity suppliers have announced a joint venture operation that will merge their distribution networks and help them achieve the price reduction targets set out by regulator Ofgem.

Around the Globe-Europe

The French government has given assurances that it will open its electricity market following legal moves by the European Commission to force it to implement the EU directive on liberalization.

Unclear and present danger

The UK electricity industry is about to go through its second major upheaval in ten years. Will the proposed Utilities Bill deliver the level of competition promised, or is it merely a mechanism for control by a regulator backed by a government that won't let market forces lie?

IGCC gathers pace

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power generation has long been recognised for its ability to handle difficult fuels with good environmental performance. Now a new generation of refinery-based projects is demonstrating that the technology is also a cost effective means for power generation.

Genset Roundup

Cummins Power Generation has introduced a new range of 'SuperSilenced' gensets specifically for the rental market. The new range features prime ratings of 52-511 kVA in six new models.

Around the Globe-Europe

The supervisory boards of German utilities RWE and VEW have approved a merger that would create one of the largest European publicly-listed energy groups. The proposed deal follows the announcement in September of a merger between German utilities Veba and Viag, but could be held up by regulatory problems.

The ‘Phantom Menace’

First we had Star Wars, then we had the 'Beef Wars' - both entertaining, long running, sagas with an element of epic rivalry, mystery and suspense.

Enel stock market debut disappoints

Italy's stock market launch of Enel became the world's largest initial public offering following the sale of euro18bn worth of shares. With a high launch price, investors will be expecting great things from the utility, which now faces regulatory and competitive pressures in the European market. Sian Green asks, can it deliver?