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Webcast: Green is the new black for oil & gas

60 minute session

This digital discussion highlights some of the latest strategies oil & gas giants are employing to reinvent their industry, in particular, the shift towards sustainability and renewable energy.

A panel of experts offer insight into several key themes. You will learn:

  • What renewable business opportunities are currently being seized;
  • Where the ‘next big thing’ is for the sector;
  • Why O&G companies have an edge in some renewable technologies;
  • How renewables offer reskilling opportunities for the O&G workforce;
  • What projects best demonstrate the new strategic focus;
  • How and why inter-sector partnerships are on the rise.

Moderator: Kelvin Ross, Editor-In-Chief | Power Engineering International

Confirmed speakers:

Ricardo Gorini, Senior Programme Officer – REmap | International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Iman Hill, Executive Director | International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

Will Webster, Energy Policy Manager | Oil & Gas UK

Pamela Largue
Pamela is a senior content creator and editor and has been a part of the Clarion content team for over seven years. She specializes in international power and energy-related content.