Wylfa progress not dependent on Hinkley – Horizon

Horizon Nuclear Power say the progress of their project at Wylfa is not dependent on what happens at Hinkley Point C.

Hitachi Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi had last week commented on his concerns about the process at Hinkley Point C, saying “Hinkley Point [raises questions] about what are the real solutions for setting up financial support. We need to arrange a financial plan for which the kind of money needed can be introduced.
“DECC worries about the stability of the scheduled construction of the [Hinkley Point] nuclear power plant, so some of the conditions – the credit requirements – those kind of things may affect us.”

However Leon Flaxman, press spokesperson for Horizon, told Power Engineering International the Hitachi chief’s comments ‘merely reflect that finance is an issue to address ” which it always has been and is natural for a project such as ours. Nothing’s changed.’

“Our plans at Wylfa aren’t dependent on the success of Hinkley Point C, but we’d certainly like to see that project progress, creating momentum and confidenceà‚ – the UK stands the most to gain from a nuclear resurgence involving a fleet of power stations.”

Horizon confirmed that they are continuing discussions with the UK government on the financial and contractual aspects involved which should see a bespoke deal for Horizon ( a privately backed developer), which is not in any way dependent on the previous deal with EDF.

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