Westinghouse wins contract to supply nuclear fuel to EdF

28 November 2002 – Westinghouse Electric Company, part of the BNFL group, has been awarded a contract to provide nuclear fuel to Electricite de France (EdF) for use in their nuclear power stations located throughout France.

The contract will give Westinghouse the opportunity to provide up to 20 per cent of EdF’s total nuclear fuel requirements over several years and is part of EdF’s programme to fulfil European Commission directives regarding international competition within the French nuclear market.

Westinghouse, through the European Fuel Group, will manufacture the fuel assemblies at its existing facility in Vàƒ¤steràƒ¥s, Sweden and at the Enusa plant in Juzbado, Spain. Most components will be manufactured at the Westinghouse fuel fabrication facility in Columbia, S.C., with others originating from the Westinghouse speciality metals plant in Blairsville, Pa. and from the ENUSA plant in Juzbado. The Westinghouse Springfields facility near Preston, U.K. will provide conversion services. The associated field and operation services will be offered via existing BNFL-Westinghouse French infrastructures.

Steve Tritch, Westinghouse President and CEO said, “This contract is significant for Westinghouse and the nuclear power industry. EdF is the largest and certainly one of the most respected nuclear generators in the world. We are delighted to be working with them on this programme.”

“Nuclear power is fast becoming one of the world’s most global and competitive industries. Our entry into the French nuclear fuel market strengthens the industry as it will drive every supplier, including Westinghouse, to continually improve quality and efficiency which will in turn make nuclear power even more competitive across the world.”

Mike Saunders, Westinghouse Senior Vice President of Fuel said, “We are committed to assisting in further improving the competitiveness of nuclear generation. The establishment of this long term arrangement to deliver advanced fuel products is a further step towards this goal.”

The European Fuel Group is an alliance between Westinghouse and Enusa. Westinghouse Electric Company is wholly owned by BNFL plc of the United Kingdom. Westinghouse, which provided the world’s first pressurised water reactor in 1957, is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Today, approximately one-half of the world’s operating nuclear plants are based on Westinghouse technology.

Source: BNFL

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