Decommissioning deal for six UK nuclear power plants

Wylfa nuclear site
Image credit: Altrad

Nuclear clean up company Magnox has awarded a contract to industrial services group Altrad for support services across six nuclear decommissioning sites in the UK.

The four-year contract covers the six Nuclear Decommissioning Authority-owned at Chapelcross, Dungeness A, Hinkley A, Hunterston A, Trawsfynnydd and Wylfa.

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Altrad already has a 15-year partnership with Magnox in which it has delivered services including asbestos removal, environmental cleaning and corrosion protection.

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Steven Lock of of Magnox said the deal with Altrad would result in “further innovation and the delivery of greater efficiency across the NDA-owned sites”.

Altrad has several other UK nuclear contracts, including at Sellafield and the entire EDF generation fleet, including Hinkley Point C.

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