Vattenfall AB’s Chief Executive Officer, Tuomo Hatakka, revealed that the planned restart of its Kruemmel nuclear reactor in Germany may be postponed until the middle of this year, reported Dow Jones.

Hatakka explained that the nuclear plant would not go back online until Vattenfall and its partner E.ON had examined the profitability of its jointly owned 1260 MW Kruemmel and 771 MW Brunsbuettel nuclear reactors in Germany.

“The nuclear plant Kruemmel won’t go back online during the talks with E.ON AG,” Hatakka said.

Last year the German government implemented a six-year tax on nuclear fuel rods in exchange for extending the operating lives of the country’s 17 nuclear reactors — a move that affected utilities have projected will significantly cut into the additional earnings that would normally result from such an extension.

“For Kruemmel, we expect that the reactor can be operated profitably despite the nuclear tax,” Hatakka added. Currently, Vattenfall owns and operates seven nuclear power plants in Sweden, as well as two in Germany.

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