US suspends nuclear power agreements with Rosatom

The fallout from Russia’s annexation of Crimea has had yet another implication for the energy sector, this time affecting nuclear power.

The US has decided to suspend nuclear power projects it had been engaged in with Russian state-backed energy company Rosatom in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

The US decision comes soon after the UK opted to review a deal it had to open up the country’s civil nuclear energy programme with Rosatom.
Rosatom has responded by saying that the US decision would be damaging to the US itself.

“Rosatom considers this move a mistake that contradicts the constructive atmosphere that has built up in relations with the US Department of Energy in recent years. Nuclear power is a very delicate and serious matter.

“It requires a responsible and professional approach on the part of all participants in terms of international cooperation. Politics should have no place in this field.

“Rosatom stresses that any attempts to impose unilateral restrictions in this area will affect the initiators of such moves first.”

The US Department of Energy had agreed a co-operation deal last September for the exchange of information related to fast neutron reactor development.

Click Green reported last week that an agreement between the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Russian corporation was signed last September that allowed the firm access to the UK nuclear energy market, but this is now under review.

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