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US nuclear power plant cited for safety violations

A nuclear power plant in Michigan, US has been cited for safety violations, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, joining two other U.S. nuclear plants in getting extra scrutiny from inspectors.

Palisades nuclear power plantà‚  CNN reported that the worst of the threeà‚  violations stems from a September 25, 2011, incident at the Palisades Power Plant in which half of the control room indicators were lost because of an electrical fault “caused by personnel at the site,” the NRCà‚  announced in a news release.

à‚  The NRC said it conducted a special inspection and “determined the plant failed to have adequate work procedures for the electrical panel maintenance work to ensure the job was done successfully.”

à‚  The NRC said two other violations at Palisades were for a “low to moderate safety significance” issue related to a “coupling failure in the service water system.” It said one of the service pumps failed last August due to cracking, something that also happened in 2009.

An inspection concluded: “The plant failed to prevent recurrence of the cracking condition and failed to completely consider the properties of the steel used in a past modification of the couplings.”

The agency stated all three violations would result in additional NRC inspections and greater oversight of the nuclear power plant, located about 50 miles from Kalamazoo.

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