UK’s nuclear decommissioning bill rises by à‚£6.6bn

The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has revised its figures on how much it will cost clean up its nuclear power plant waste.

The authority has forecast that the cleanup will be à‚£6.6bn more than first thought. It has raised its best estimate for the undiscounted cost of the cleanup over the next 120 years to à‚£110bn, a 7 per cent increase, with Sellafield alone accounting for à‚£79.1bn of that. It also raised its total discounted estimate of the costs by 10 per cent to à‚£64.9bn.
Nuclear waste
John Clarke, the NDA’s chief executive, said the increase reflected the cost of additional work at Sellafield, which, with an annual budget of à‚£1.8bn, is the largest of the 19 sites for which the agency is responsible.

Nuclear Management Partners, the consortium managing the Sellafield cleanup, is made up of URS of the US, France’s Areva and Amec of the UK.

The consortium was handed the à‚£22bn, 17-year contract to decommission Sellafield in 2008.

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