UK nuclear power station ‘stress test’ report published

A report published today by the Office for Nuclear Regulation, the UK’s independent nuclear safety regulator, confirms that UK sites have identified and made improvements to enhance safety by learning from events in Japan.

The findings are contained in the UK national ‘stress test’ report submitted to the European Council.

It requested a targeted reassessment of safety at all European nuclear power plants based on the circumstances which occurred at Fukushima: extreme natural events challenging the plant safety functions and leading to a severe accident.

Licensees of the 33 operating or shutdown reactors in the UK within scope of the report have carried out the tests and the Office for Nuclear Regulation has reviewed the results. The UK national reportà‚ is available at #news/2012/jan-stress-test-report.htm

John Donald, a senior nuclear safety inspector at the Office for Nuclear Regulation, said: “In line with the specifications of the stress tests, we now look forward to the UK’s report being peer reviewed by colleagues from other European regulators. This may also identify further improvements that could be made.”

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