The new chairman of SmartGrid GB, a cross-industry group set up to champion Smart Grid development in the UK, has started his job with a warning that “unless we get moving we’ll miss out on growth and jobs”.

Lord O’Neill is a former chairman of the UK government’s Trade & Industry Select Committee and the Nuclear Industries Authority.

After taking up his new role, he said today: “Over the next few decades every country around the world is going to have to switch to smart grid. This is a massive growth opportunity for our country. We have the skills, capabilities and technologies to become world leaders. But the competition is moving fast. The government talks about having a new industrial strategy and picking races not winners. Well smart grid is a race worth winning.”

He added that developing a Smart Grid development could deliver £13bn to the UK economy. H said the Smart Grid was “a race which offers a huge prize” and added that while “the government and regulator have so far done much to be proud of… we have to be more ambitious if we are going to lead the world in Smart Grid.”

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