UK continues to power French homes

The UK power market saw net electric power exports to France for the fourth month running, despite fears that this winter would be the tightest seen in recent times, ahead of the introduction of the Capacity Mechanism from 2017/18.

EnAppSys energy analysts told Power Engineering International that January 2017 saw 0.45TWh of net exports from Britain into France (an average of 609 MW), with this being the highest levels of net exports out of Britain along the French Interconnector since February 2012.
This came following a period, when Britain saw 55 consecutive months of net imports from France, up till October 2016, and over this period, the interconnector facilitated 61.4TWh of net imports from France into Britain.

France usually produces an excess of power from its nuclear plants that it spills into other markets, but this winter high levels of demand and reduced levels of nuclear power production have pushed up French power prices facilitating exports from Britain. à‚ 

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