Net interconnector flow into and out of Great Britain averaged -83MW per half hour settlement period – in other words, net export of 83MW – in November.  This was the first month of net export since February 2012. 

Energy consultancy EnAppSys told Power Engineering International that normally, net interconnector flows across the four interconnectors average ~1 to 2 GW of imports.
The main cause of this was net export to France across the Interconnexion France-Angleterre (IFA), which averaged -563 MW in November.  This was combined with net exports across the Moyle to Northern Ireland and relatively low imports from the Netherlands across the BritNed and from the Republic of Ireland across the East-West interconnector.

Power flows across interconnectors are mainly controlled by price differentials in the two countries each end of the interconnector.

This winter the extra capacity in the UK market, due partly to the Capacity Mechanism, has meant that prices in UK are generally low whilst the reduction in nuclear generation in France, as EDF undergo checks to their fleet, has combined with the winter increase in demand to result in relatively high prices across the Channel.

Last November, January and February also saw net exports across the IFA, as nuclear outages across last winter also kept prices high.