Turkey has expressed interest in doing nuclear business with China in Ankara’s declared drive to build three nuclear power plants in the next decade as talks with South Korea and Japan were underway with an already-wrapped-up deal with Russia for Turkey‘s first ever nuke plant.

A process of dialogue will begin between the Turkish Energy Ministry and our Chinese counterparts,” Ali Babacan, Turkish deputy premier, told reporters Wednesday after a business forum meeting between China and Turkey in Istanbul.

Turkey’s first nuclear power plant in the country’s southern province of Mersin will be built by Russia under an agreement signed in May 2010 and the construction is planned to begin in 2013.

“For the first plant we have agreed with Russia. And for the second one, we are negotiating with Japan and South Korea. But there is a third nuclear plant project we aim to build. And it depends on the course the talks will take whether the second or the third plant would be commissioned to the Chinese,” Babacan said.

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